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The Black Beauty Project is a collaboration between Candice Williams, Jasmine Colbert, and Nena Lockhart, three friends who were scheduled to perform at the Tea & Verse Poetry Salon’s tribute to honor Black women poets and singers. The show was unfortunately cancelled due to COVID 19, but they remained inspired to make music together. In considering next steps, Candice contemplated the plight of Black people in America and wrote a song that speaks to their collective beauty and worth. Nena and Jasmine were integral to bringing that vision to reality with their vocal talents and writing skill. In light of recent events from Brianna Taylor to George Floyd and the refrain of Black Lives Matter, as Black women they are standing up to declare the beauty and dignity of Black people everywhere. 

Presented by J.N.C.


Jasmine Colbert

This song is a reminder that the opinions, labels and standards of others do not determine our value. We are valuable, worthy, and beautiful because we were created by an infinite and loving God.”


Nena Wallace

My form, my existence is a deliberate expression of God's power and love.

God celebrates my uniqueness and I should do the same.

We are fellow image bearers brimming with promise


Candice Williams

The Black Beauty Project means so much to me as a Black woman, songwriter, music producer and collaborator. To join forces with two dynamic women to spread messages of hope and love to our people has been nothing short of amazing. 

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